PMI Wholesale, Inc. Standard Dealer Agreement

Please carefully read these Standard Dealership Rules for PMI, which apply to all PMI dealers.

1. Dealership. Subject to your compliance with these Rules and payment of the dealership fee you agreed to when joining PMI, you will have a dealership with PMI including the right to purchase merchandise from PMI.

2. Registration. You agree to provide us with accurate and complete information, including your legal name, street address, email address and telephone number. All information will be subject to the standard PMI Privacy Policy and we will not share your information with third parties. You warrant that any credit card or bank account information you provide is accurate and that you have the right to use the account.

3. Renewal Fees. There are no monthly or yearly fees for your Membership. You dealership fee is only a one time fee that allows you to be a lifetime dealer.

4. Communication. Throughout the course of your dealership, PMI may contact you for administrative and promotional reasons by mail, email or telephone. You may be able to opt out of some of these communication channels by calling customer service, or by request by email.

5. Credit card transactions. All credit card transactions are processed over a secured server and the information is encrypted and can not be read by third parties to protect your personal information being viewed. Our servers are PCI Compliant

6. Fees and Credits. You are responsible for all charges incurred, including your initial dealership fee in accordance with the payment you agreed to when joining, and payment for any merchandise you order from PMI. Payments made by check will result in a hold on shipment or account status of approximately seven business days. Upon suspension, cancellation, or termination of your membership any unused credits or funds remaining in your account remain the property of PMI.

7. Account Credits may be used for ordering merchandise and supplies only, are non-refundable, and expire one year from the date of issuance.

8. Merchandise can be returned within 30 days for a replacement or refund. A restocking fee may apply for merchandise being returned for refund. We will pay the shipping for a return item that is defective and pay for the reshipping of the replacement item. We do not pay return shipping for merchandise that is returned for refund.

9. Termination. PMI may immediately terminate your dealership, if you breach any provision of these Rules, engage in any prohibited activities or aid anyone listed in a fraud.

10. Cancellation and refunds. You may cancellation your dealership at anytime, however your one time dealer fee is non-refundable.

11. Webstore. We provide a webstore setup for free if you choose to have a webstore setup by us. There is a monthly hosting fee to have your webstore hosted on our servers. Hosting can be canceled at anytime and not be billed for the next month, however hosting is not refundable.

12. Prohibited Activities. You may not directly or indirectly (a) use the names PMI.  in the conduct of your business, (b) infringe on any PMI trade names, trademarks or copyrights, (c) contact or solicit other PMI members, (d) use your membership in any manner or for any purpose other than selling PMI products, (e) distribute PMI products outside authorized sales channels, (f) engage in any unlawful, unfair or deceptive business practice, (g) fail to conduct your business in an honest and ethical manner,

13. Compliance. You are solely responsible for all aspects of operating your business. You agree to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations in connection with the operation of your business and the sale and marketing of our products. You agree to comply with any manufacturer's restrictions on the sale of their products.

14. Taxes. You are solely responsible for calculating, collecting, withholding, reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes, duties and levies, including without limitation states and local sales and use taxes, and federal and state income taxes.

15. Warranty Exclusion. PMI is not liable for any losses, costs or damages arising directly or indirectly from your membership, the services we provide or the sale of our products. No warranty or representation, express or implied, as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is given or assumed by PMI or its affiliates, and all such warranties, representations and terms are hereby disclaimed and expressly excluded. No advice or information given by PMI or any of our representatives shall create any warranty.

16. Credit. The line of credit is offered to our members by a third party company and is not part of PMI. You can accept or decline the line of credit, you do not have to participate. The terms an agreement would be between you an the loaning company.

17. No Agency. You agree and acknowledge that you and PMI have an independent business relationship. Nothing about your membership or provided for in these Rules shall be deemed to create franchise, joint venture or agency, and neither party is the other's franchisee, employee, agent or representative. You will not state, imply or hold yourself out to anyone as being associated, affiliated with or endorsed by PMI.

18. PMI is not responsible for any injury caused by a product either accidental or deliberate. This would be taken up with the manufacture of the product.

19. Entire Agreement. The agreement you entered into when you joined PMI, terms & policies and these Rules constitute the complete agreement between you and PMI, and supersede any other promise, representation or agreement, whether written or oral.

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